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Our aim is to provide our clients with reliable.

Domain Body Corporate specialises in managing the administration of subdivided properties, including the maintenance and repair of common property.

We believe that living in a cohesive, peaceful environment is of paramount importance when residing within a subdivided property. Furthermore, the asset value of the property within a subdivided property can be dependant on the effectiveness of the Owners' Corporation. Therefore, it is of vital importance that an experienced, competent and professional manager is appointed to represent the Owners Corporation.

Our aim is to provide our clients with reliable, quality outcomes and expertise that can only come from years of industry experience.

We pride ourselves on providing a superior level of customer service and ensuring that every detail of our clients' Owners' Corporation management needs are taken care of with professionalism and integrity.

Domain Body Corporate's office is located in St Kilda, Victoria and we offer our management services to the Melbourne metropolitan area.

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About Us

Should the Owners Corporation wish to sell their property, we are able to assist with the process. Our experience within the real estate and property development industries stands us in good stead and enables us to give our clients sound advice in this regard.

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